Wedding Finance… Where Is Your Money?

Money is the root to all evil. Most of the time, money issue is the root to married couple’s worries.

Before married, our finance matters do not overlap. I took charge of mine, she took charge of hers.

After married, we have to plan for our family. There are other issues to look into such as saving part of our salary, having joint account, saving for a new flat and for our children.

Looking at all these commitments, we seriously have to sit down and discuss our financial road map.

Wedding planning is a mega-project. It not only take up lots of energy, man-power but also lots of financial resources.

Those wedding couples who have average salaries and have been saving for a few years for their weddings, may find their bank account completely dried up by the end of their weddings.

I have shared earlier planning a wedding does not start after proposal. It comes way before proposal. I took two years to save up for my wedding before I popped the question to my wife on wedding proposal day.

I find that one needs to be financial savvy to save up for wedding. Some who had much better salary will park aside part of their money each month. Others may take up tuition and save up what they have earned. The rest who are even smarter invested what they have saved and their money pond grows bigger.

I know there are some friends of mine never got married even though they wanted to as they have no idea where their money has gone to.

If expenditure is not tracked well, there is no way to save up.

5 things we find helpful for our finance,
1. Discuss how much we are going to save per month and stick to it
2. Plan how much we need to save up
3. Plan by when we need to save up that amount
4. Plan how we can reach our goal
5. Write down the plans and goals on a piece of paper and stick somewhere we can see everyday

Kerala Becomes Popular Destination In India For Weddings Abroad

Kerala has become an increasingly popular destination for nuptials as well as honeymoons and now many couples from all over the world are heading to the coastal state in India to tie the knot.

Wedding planners have seen a significant increase in the number of couples planning themed weddings abroad in Kerala with many foreign brides and grooms planning their nuptials up to one year in advance.

“On an average there are about 40 enquiries from foreigners per year and 25 of them look set to materialise,” explained Ram Menon, the Director of Parinaya Wedding Division.

“Recently, we had an Irish couple who had their wedding at Taj Kovalam in Thiruvananthapuram. Most of the enquiries are from US and Europe. What many are looking for is an entire experiential package, with a taste of Kerala’s native cuisine, traditions and ethnicity.”

Desis are also choosing destination weddings in Kerala because of the festive atmosphere and beautiful landscapes that are linked with the destination.

Arabind C runs the wedding planning company, Tamarind Weddings, with his wife and said: “Recently, we had a family from Gujarat and the marriage ceremony was held at Taj Varkala. The trend is quite evident when you see the number of bookings made with resorts and tour operators.”

He added: “They are getting more adventurous and innovative, which is why it’s easy to see destination weddings as the next big thing.”

Couples planning destination weddings in Kerala can choose from a range of romantic settings for their ceremonies include sandy beaches, ancient temples and decorated pavilions in lush tropical gardens.

Menon explained that weddings abroad in Kerala can often be much more expensive than traditional Indian weddings.

“Suppose the cost of a regular wedding is `10 lakh, this will cost around `18 lakh. Much of the extra cost comes by way of putting up guests in good hotels and taking care of their requirements during the stay,” he commented.

One of the advantages to getting married abroad in India, and in Kerala more precisely, is that newlyweds can go on to enjoy a honeymoon within an idyllic destination that boasts emerald forests, unspoilt sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls, and ancient forts and palaces.

Indian Couples Choose Malaysia For Weddings Abroad

The growing trend of getting married overseas is spreading around the world and while many couples from the West are choosing India as the magic exotic and location for their big day, many Indian couples themselves are heading to Malaysia to say “I Do”.

In November last year, Malaysia saw its largest wedding to date and the families and majority of wedding guests attending were from Bangalore.

Mohd Izal bin Mahd Nor, the director of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board spoke at a recent road show in Bangalore about the recent rise in weddings abroad.

“In recent times, Malaysia has become a luxury travel destination for weddings and honeymoons. We’ve had close to 40 weddings in the country in 2011,” he said.

The director explained that Malaysia is well prepared for receiving Indian couples choosing destination weddings and its hotels are offering a range of services to cater for Indian weddings.

“We’ve groups in hotels and resorts who are trained in Indian weddings. They help in decors, dress, mock trials and other rituals. We’ve trained them specifically for these sectors,” he commented.

Beach hotels and resorts in Malaysia are among the most popular venues for romantic weddings abroad in Malaysia and if permitted, many opt for beach weddings with a backdrop of the lush jungle to one side and the sparkling azure ocean to the other.

Mohd Izal bin Mahd Nor continued: “Since they take packages for four or six days, the flight operators, along with hotels owners, give them a big discount for a wedding with 200 to 300 guests. A small wedding in Malaysia costs about Rs50lakh in all.”

One advantage to weddings abroad is that the occasion often brings family and friends closer together because they are often staying at the location for up to four nights where they will have meals together, go shopping and enjoy entertainment.

According to Mintel Research, one in five couples in the United Kingdom is opting for destination weddings in an exotic destination.

There are many reasons that offer wedding packages in the UK this but the most common scenario is couples looking to save money with an overseas wedding. The average cost of a UK wedding is nearly £20,000, while a wedding in the Caribbean, for example, is just £6,500.

India is a popular wedding destination and in 2010, pop singer Katy Perry and British comedian Russell Brand got married at the Aman-e-Khas resort just outside the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary in northern India.

Weird And Wacky Las Vegas Weddings On A Budget

Las Vegas is the place to stay and play, but it’s also the hip and happening place for a wild and wacky wedding at the price you want to pay. Live out your fantasies with some of the most spectacular ceremonies under the sun. Vegas weddings are fast and affordable to meet and exceed most budgets and come in every style from full scale Star Trek costuming to heart stopping skydiving nuptials at 15,000 feet.

Choose from Wild West shotgun weddings, full make-up and wardrobe as Elvis and Priscilla, or recreate the Renaissance period for a romantic run down the aisle. No boundaries and no fear, Las Vegas does everything bigger and better for a wedding to remember with passion and a punch. In addition, videographers and photographers are available onsite to ensure every moment of your tailor made service is preserved as proof you had the weirdest and wackiest wedding on your block.

If you are ready to tie the knot, join Katie Price and Alex Reid and a cache of other celebrities who took the marital plunge on the Las Vegas Strip. Kirk Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Britney Spears, Frank Sinatra and Mickey Rooney with all seven wives, just to name a few. You can’t beat the Vegas wedding deal for fast and efficient service to make your dreams come true. No wedding scheme is too big or too way-out to be accommodated by the expert teams standing by to make it all happen. The Las Vegas wedding planners take your nuptials seriously, yet can come up with the most outrageous settings and costumes to turn a simple white wedding into a Hollywood Red Carpet event.

Visitors to Las Vegas who are heading to the alter must provide one piece of photo identification, be at least 18 years old, and purchase a low cost marriage licence from the Clark County courthouse. The turnaround time is about 24 hours to get the licence, have it certified by your wedding operator and return the document to the city officials. Whether your Las Vegas wedding is carefully planned or used as a celebration for a big take at the craps table, Las Vegas weddings are some of the most special and accommodating ceremonies in the world. This in one town where you are the boss and everything is at your fingertips. Fantastic Las Vegas is the place to be to tie the knot with flash and flare and turn your dreams into reality.

The Evolution Of Destination Weddings

The days where couples would head to their local church, get married, and return to a village hall or someone’s house for a reception with homemade food seem to be a thing of the past.

Couples are now heading to exotic location such as the Caribbean, Hawaii or the Seychelles, as destination weddings become the latest trend.

Hundreds of companies are benefitting from the surge in bookings for weddings abroad, including travel agents, wedding planners, cruise lines and hotels and resorts.

Gary Sadler, the Vice-President of Sales for Unique Vacations, the worldwide representative of Sandals Resorts, explained: “Personalisation and absolute flexibility is what couples want now; no cookie-cutter weddings.”

He added that the destination wedding industry has evolved over the years and couples are expecting more on their special day.
“If we offered weddings the way we did 30 years ago, we’d be out of business,” he said. “When I started working at Sandals Ocho Rios in 1990, the bride and groom would get flowers, champagne and have their own homemade videos. That was the end of it.

“Today, Sandals’ weddings include a wedding planner, a wedding butler, a two-tiered wedding cake, a professional photographer and videographer, flowers brought in from the area, champagne and hors d’oeuvres, the resort venue itself plus other features — all of it personalised for each couple at each resort.”

Sandals Resorts operates Caribbean resorts in St Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua and the Bahamas and the luxury all-inclusive properties are a favourite for romantic Caribbean weddings and honeymoons.

Cruise weddings are becoming increasingly popular and over the last ten years, cruise lines have developed marketing strategies to entice couples to book weddings at sea.

According to Mintel, a UK market research company, Carnival now carries out approximately 2,400 destination weddings a year; Royal Caribbean hosts 800 ceremonies and Norwegian Cruise Lines holds 300. The British company, Cunard, recently registered its ships in Bermuda so it could offer overseas weddings onboard its three ships and couples will be able to get married abroad on Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth or Queen Victoria from April, 2012.

A recent Mintel survey reveals that people aged between 25 and 44 years are likely to have chosen a wedding abroad over a traditional ceremony at home. And many 18 – 34-year-olds would choose nuptials in exotic foreign wedding destinations when the time comes to get married.

Overseas nuptials are also becoming increasingly popular among the older brides and grooms and those who are getting married for a second time. These couples often look for a quieter and more intimate event.

Wedding Photography in Brisbane – Relive the Cherished Moments

Wedding are special, no doubt. The moments are blissful and timeless. How about capturing such blissful moments of joy and togetherness? Yes, it’s time you give a thought to hiring professional services for making sure that the pictures come out looking perfectly delightful. Many times, couples do not pay much attention to the pictures, this can be very damaging, as you don’t savour the moments of your wedding that can turn out to be a unifying factor when your marriage is going through rough times. There are ups and downs in every relationship. There are times when you regret in haste, and your partner seems cold to your needs. A beautiful wedding photography in Brisbane can help you remember the love you once shared. Even a single picture can do what words fail. So, why not hire professionals for wedding photography and let them work up their magical touch on your album. To sail through a storm, you need to be hopeful and have a positive approach for things to work out. A lovely picture can be a reminder of your vows that you made for the special day.

It’s forever – Till death part us

Do you remember this vow? Well, the feeling and the emotion just makes you feel so glad that you have married the right person. When you have a picture that will remind you of the vows you have made to our partner, it is definitely saying that you took the decision after much thought. It was not a mistake, but a decisive decision. When your marriage is in stormy weather, relive the moment and take out the snap and frame it. Keep it by the bedside for your spouse to view it. These simple reminders of the unconditional love of the past will surely but gently make you and your partner come close and be more sensitive to each other’s needs.

Ignite the spark in your marriage

Well, the initial nuptial bonding saw you people falling in love all over again. There was love everywhere; sparks were flying as you two looked into each other’s eyes. However, after a few years, the love is still there, but the fun and excitement are lost somewhere. What to do if you desire to get the sparks back? How about getting the matrimony photographs out that were clicked by a professional who offered the best wedding photography in Brisbane? Yes, you hired their services but not to keep the photos inside the album forever. Get out the romantic ones and frame them well and keep it where you and your spouse can have a good view when sitting together. Refreshing the romantic memories can ignite the spark in your relationship. The passionate love will soon be rekindled, and your marriage ‘will rock’ not ‘on the rocks’!

Strike out boredom

Weddings can be a maximum week long affair, then why do couples take so much trouble and hire the best wedding photography in Brisbane; to express their love and show the photographs to the world? Well, not really. The pictures are clicked as they desire to keep the fond memories treasured and look into them during the spare time together. So, if you and your spouse are suffering from relationship boredom, there is no need to go to a relationship counsellor. The wedding snapshots can help you out of this mess. If your guys are still in love and actually realise that you need some quality time together to discuss the underlying issues, then take the album along with you and relive the beautiful moments once again.

It is true that past needs to be forgotten, the present should be the focus for a good future ahead. However, to make the present situation more beautiful and the future more prosperous, a look into the memorable snapshots to perk up your married life is certainly a great decision.

LDS Weddings can be elegant – Designing the Perfect LDS Wedding Invitations for your LDS Temple Wedding

LDS Wedding can be Elegant and Fun:
Designing the Perfect LDS Wedding Invitations for your LDS Temple Wedding

In the whirlwind of planning a LDS wedding, it can be hard to know where to begin. Sending out wedding invitations as early as possible is essential, but it’s not as easy as it sounds: there is a lot of legwork to be done before stamping and sending off all those envelopes.

Before ordering any invitations, you need the date, time, and place of the wedding and reception. Pick a date and clear it with your immediate family, members of the wedding party, and most importantly, the wedding venue. Whether this is the LDS temple, a local LDS chapel, or some other location, make arrangements to use it on the specified day. Couples also need to decide whether they want a morning, afternoon, or evening wedding.

After you’ve got the wedding day’s vital information, you can write the invitation text. Traditional invitations are very formal, using script font and spelling out dates and times (like “eleven o’clock in the morning, two-thousand and twelve.”) But brides no longer need to feel tied to tradition, so if it feels too stuffy for you then it probably is. Feel free to use funky fonts or personalize the invitation by adding a picture. Explore all your options. You may want to buy wedding invitations or if you’re crafty, you and your friends might have an invitation creation party. Either way, send an invitation that expresses the overall tone of your wedding.

Before you’re ready to order or create your LDS temple wedding invitations, you need to remember one more thing. The colors and style of the invitation should match the ceremony and reception. Your wedding invitations are the first impression your family and friends will have of your special day. Though you don’t need have every detail of your wedding plans decided just yet, you do need to have a general idea of what your wedding colors will be. Think about your favorite color, your favorite flowers, or what looks best on your husband-to-be. Also consider the season of the year. Once you settle on wedding colors, you’re ready to pick invitations in a color and style that complements the wedding theme.

Wedding invitation etiquette says to send invitations out as early as possible to all members of your extended family and your circle of friends, even to those who you know won’t be able to attend – they will still probably want to send a gift or their best wishes. Envelopes should also indicate which household members are invited, so there won’t be confusion as to whether children are welcome. Also, if you are getting sealed in a LDS temple it’s best to consider sending out two kinds of invitations: one to invite guests to both the sealing and reception, and another to announce the sealing and invite them to the wedding reception only.

It’s also wise to ask guests to RSVP, so that you can keep track of who will be attending the reception. At a formal affair, you’ll need to know who is coming so you can make a seating chart; at a casual affair, you’ll need the information to decide how much food to prepare. Including a self-addressed, stamped envelope or allowing guests to RSVP by email improves the odds of getting an accurate count.

Ultimately, the LDS Temple wedding invitations you choose will depend on you and your wedding’s style. It may seem overwhelming to hammer out the major details of your wedding before sending out the invitations, but doing so will result in great invitations that complement your wedding perfectly.

Weddings Are Incomplete Without Brisbane Wedding Photography To Add The Magic Touch

Marriage is a concept of union of two distinctly different brains and souls for beginning of a social life together. This makes planning a wedding ceremony a lengthy process requiring a great deal of effort and sincere planning.

Caterers, bridal dresses are some of the common features behind every wedding planning, but one thing which would stand as a memory and reminder as to how lavish your wedding was is photography. This is where Brisbane wedding photographers are helpful. Their services include photographs of the prospective bride and groom taken before the actual wedding, to use for delivering invitations or perhaps “thank you” cards, an afterwards carry on to cover the main wedding party and it is activities. Despite the innovations in technology, the sole memory of your wedding remains stored in these photographs.

Brisbane wedding photography professionals use their experience and play around with perspective to get you the perfect photographs that cherish your memories. Brisbane wedding photographers understand how important these pictures are for guests and the wedding couple, and they insure that their work meets expectations.

Those lucky few who reside near Brisbane have access to some of the finest Brisbane wedding photographer in the region. Many people from surrounding regions come to Brisbane to get access to such photographers. Brisbane luckily also has the nearby island venue, which is perfect for marriages. This sand tropical venue will ensure that your wedding will be one of its kinds, and it can double up as a honeymoon venue, not only adding more fun, but also helping to spend less too.

To click these memories never opt for cheaper amateurs, yes they will definitely cost less, but will ruin your wedding memories with amateurish photos. Just like a relationship is a complete deal a wedding to firm a relationship should also be a complete deal which is not possible without a skilled photographer. The bride walking down the aisle, the wedding groom nervously waiting for her, the pageboys the beautiful mother of the bride beaming, such moments deserve to be cherished.
Brisbane wedding photography professionals can be easily found. All you have to do is select the best one to suit your needs.

First check on the internet and among your peers for some respectable Brisbane wedding photography professionals; go over their brochures and sample shoots to find the best ones for your need. Seek out the photographer; he might want to click some sample photos of you and your partner so as to find the best angles and poses he can get with you. Also engage in a casual one on one with him so as to make sure he understands your personal requirements. Go through some of his wedding albums to also select your requirements. Find out whether he is flexible with his timing. If you are comfortable with his work, seal the deal, but not without getting a competitive price.